Modernfold Adds Soundproof Glass to Movable Walls

The new panel has a 51 STC rating that provides advanced acoustical control without sacrificing daylight. The product goes in the company's mobile wall system, which is used to configure interior spaces.
Acousti-Clear Movable Wall System. Image courtesy of Modernfold

Modernfold Inc. is offering a new acoustical glass panel with a 51 STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating accorded to soundproof windows, providing enhanced sound control along with daylight views in the company’s movable wall system.

The 51 STC Acoustical Glass Panel gives architects a range of solutions that were previously unavailable for glass. The panel is used with Modernfold’s Acousti-Clear Movable Wall System and also comes in clear tempered, low iron, and frosted glass versions. The previous 45 STC glass options are also still available for Acousti-Clear products.

Modernfold’s new sound control technology will be available in all three product lines: Acousti-Clear Motorized, Acousti-Clear Automatic, and Acousti-Clear Demountable. The movable wall systems provide a flexible and visually appealing way to configure interior spaces in offices, schools, meeting rooms and other places that require sound confinement.

A growing array of products that minimize and confine sound are available on the market, as many organizations seek to improve comfort and productivity in their workspaces.

Modernfold has been selling products that enable optimal use of space for 94 years. The company’s other solutions include Operable Partitions, Movable Glass Walls, Acousti-Seal Encore, Acousti-Seal Encore Automated, Accordion Doors and ComfortDrive.