More Homes Likely to Be Built in Channing Park

Developers of Channing Park, near the intersection of Boyette and Dorman roads Southeast Tampa, await zoning hearings in order to incorporate more homes in the plan.

Developers of Channing Park, near the intersection of Boyette and Dorman roads  in Southeast Tampa, await zoning hearings on incorporating more homes into a subdivision next to FishHawk Ranch.

Hillsborough County Planner Michelle Heinrich told the Tampa Bay Tribune that the current plan allows 443 town homes or single family units. If the request is approved, 146 more homes can be added. The preliminary hearing will be held Dec. 16 and the one with Hillsborough County Commission is scheduled for Feb. 11, 2014.

The requested rezoning should allow building two units per acre instead of only one units per acre. Clayton Bricklemyer, the attorney representing the builder, told the Tribune that the units would be grouped in a way that allows more open space in order to avoid urban sprawl. Channing Park’s original developer, Taylor Morrison will be commissioned with continuing the constructions in the additional 73 acres. Bricklemyer is not aware of any environmental issues on the property, with the exception of a small swamp near Boyette.  He said that during site work, the developers will fully comply with the wetlands rules. Nearby residents should get official notifications of rules by Nov. 15th.

The property is located in Lithia, on the edge of Hillsborough County’s urban service area, which is targeted for growth. The neighboring areas are called rural service areas and are reserved for environmentally sensitive lands, agricultural uses, etc.

Photo Credits: Taylor Morrison