Diversity & Retail Real Estate: The Top 20 Multicultural Markets

The nation’s changing demographic landscape has vast implications for retail development and investment. Current projections indicate that by 2060, the United States will become a “majority minority” nation, as more than half the population will be non-white. To explore the impact of this transformation, CPE teamed up with Nielsen for a special report in the May issue.

To find markets that are adding the most multicultural residents, Nielsen drew on its proprietary Pop-Facts data. Nielsen then ranked the counties by largest projected increases of African American, Hispanic and Asian American communities from 2015 to 2020. Of the top 20 counties, 16 are in the four most populous states—California, Texas, New York and Florida.

Investors, developers and retailers who are currently active in the top 20 counties, or may enter them in the next few years, would be well advised to look closely at their demographic composition. For an in-depth look at how the nation’s growing diversity is influencing retail real estate strategy, be sure to read “E Pluribus Retail” in the May issue of CPE.

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Source: Nielsen Pop-Facts.