NanoSeptic Sleeves Keep Door Handles Clean

The peel-and-stick skins use a mineral nanocrystal that breaks down organic contaminants on high-traffic touch points.
NanoSeptic sleeve. Image courtesy of NanoTouch Materials

NanoTouch Materials has released a continuously self-cleaning sleeve for lever-type door handles that uses technology rather than oxidants to keep high-traffic touch points clean. The soft silicone sleeves feature a mineral nanocrystal that is powered by visible light, creating an oxidation reaction that completely breaks down any organic contaminants deposited on the surface. The reaction is stronger than bleach, but no toxins are released from the NanoSeptic surface.

The sleeves are easy to install and feature a blue tint that indicates which handles are self-cleaning, giving building users a great sense of safety. The product adds to NanoSeptic’s lineup of peel-and-stick skins for push bars, pull handles and other interior touch points, helping ensure compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations for interior doors in most commercial and public facilities.