Networked Controllers Manage Industrial Fans

The plug-and-play devices from Hunter Industrial provide scheduling and diagnostic functions directly on screen.
430 Series controller. Image courtesy of Hunter Industrial

Hunter Industrial has introduced new controllers for its high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan lines that feature intuitive touchscreens and a plug-and-play design. The networked 350, 430 and 700 Series controllers make it easier and simpler to manage the company’s large industrial ceiling fans by allowing the user to schedule run-times, speeds, and even direction of a single fan or zones of dozens of fans.

The 700 Series device has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen and can manage up to 30 fans at the same time. The controller offers building management system (BMS) integration with an optional gateway as well as scheduling, zoning, password protection and fan diagnostics functions directly from the screen. The 430 Series controller can handle up to 10 fans simultaneously, while the 350 Series offers the simple daisy chaining of as many as five fans.