New CRE Website Combines 3D Mapping, Property Data for NYC, NJ

Taking real estate expertise and combining it with technology has given birth to, a real estate information Web site designed to serve a range of professionals, from investors to brokers, by providing integrated parcel data, MLS and comprehensive property research tools in one location.The Web site, which launched earlier this month, targets both commercial and residential real estate professionals in New York City’s five boroughs and the majority of New Jersey. The goal of the site is to provide the most up-to-date property information and never-before-seen tools like 3-D bulk study renderings.Founders Charlie Oshman and Jonathan Arnold developed the site as a way to combine a number of tools through a single platform, which allows data to be cross-referenced more easily. Oshman brings the technology to the table and Arnold has the real estate background, Oshman told CPN.“We primarily offer information about property data and research tools, but we also provide a number of other services,” Oshman said. “Listings are starting to make their way to the site and we can integrate the listing information and property data, too.”Oshman said he’s already had one client give him anecdotal evidence of his creation’s usefulness. “We’ve spoken with someone who works for a private equity real estate fund and they had an issue with the top floor of a building. They couldn’t see how it sat on the rest of the building,” he said. “They couldn’t get on the roof or see it from the street. After spending two minutes using our map, it addressed the issue entirely for them. They had been researching this issue for a month and solved their problem in two minutes using our site.”One of the features–the 3-D bulk study renderings–uses Microsoft Virtual Earth. The application overlays property parcel maps on geographic coordinates, allowing users essentially to fly around 2-D and 3-D maps of New York City.  Users can right-click on any building they see to retrieve its complete property report, including property description, title documents, property taxes, zoning analysis, gross area data, property income and expense reports, and recent comparable transactions within a one-mile radius.“A lot of people don’t know what information is out there or how to put it together,” Oshman said. “That is one of the things we do differently. We don’t just have information. We take that information and put it to use in conjunction with technology.”Oshman said he doesn’t intend to compete with other sites, noting that it combines information in a way that other sites don’t. The Web site launch includes a free trial, and membership costs less than national competitors, he said.