New Heat Pump Models Boost Efficiency

The state-of-the-art product line from Lochinvar is designed to improve energy performance in large commercial projects.
Lochinvar commercial heat pump water heater model. Image courtesy of Lochinvar

Lochinvar has introduced a new line of 20 commercial heat pump models that are designed to meet energy-saving and sustainability goals in large commercial properties, including hotels and restaurants, universities, apartment buildings and health-care facilities. The units range in capacity from 25,000 to 250,000 BTU/hour, with modular installation capabilities of up to 2 million BTU/hour.

Heat pumps achieve high efficiency by transferring heat rather than creating it, providing hot water using atmospheric (air source) or geothermal/waste heat (water source). Air source units reduce air conditioning usage by cooling and dehumidifying the surrounding air, while water source models absorb heat from water sources including return chiller water, process and groundwater.

Intended for both new and retrofit projects, Lochinvar’s heat pump products are designed for indoor or outdoor use and work in conjunction with storage tanks. The new product line includes six air source, six water source and eight modular water source units, all of which feature a maximum water temperature of 160 degrees and an ambient operating range of 40 to 120 degrees. 

Lochinvar has also released new technology to monitor fuel/air ratio as a retrofit solution for its CREST Commercial Condensing Boilers, providing another tool to promote sustainability efforts. The RealTime O2 Feedback technology continually monitors the fuel/air ratio while the boiler is running, enabling facility managers to make instant adjustments. The system provides access to real-time combustion and carbon emissions data via a control panel or by using a remote connect platform that allows users to check O2 and CO2 levels.