New Indoor Climate Sensor Taps Wi-Fi Network

RLE Technologies' battery-powered, wireless device can monitor temperature and humidity changes and transmit data without needing to be installed by an electrician.
WIFI-TH sensor with router. Image courtesy of RLE Technologies

RLE Technologies has introduced a new wireless temperature and humidity sensor that communicates with building management systems via an existing Wi-Fi network. The compact, battery-powered device, called the WIFI-TH, can be either freestanding or wall-mounted and does not need to be installed by an electrician.

Facilities can use the device to monitor for changes in temperature and humidity, ensure optimal equipment performance and anticipate failures, meet efficiency goals and prevent downtime. Temperature and humidity data can be sent via a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packet to a building management system or pulled into RLE’s WiNG wireless monitoring platform.

The sensor is designed to meet corporate security requirements, as it only allows for one-way communication to obviate the risk of being hacked remotely. The device also supports WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption and has encrypted storage for network and configuration data. WIFI-TH features battery life of up to 7 years at 5-minute transmission intervals, or up to 2 years at 1-minute intervals. The device has holes on the back for keyhole mounting as well as slots for zip ties.

It’s especially crucial for operators of high-performance buildings to monitor temperature and humidity during early occupancy months to manage the risks of moisture intrusion.