Nextivity Introduces Smart Signal Booster

Cel-Fi GO RED delivers in-building cellular coverage for FirstNet emergency communication to ensure a strong and reliable signal for first responders.

Nextivity has introduced Cel-Fi GO RED, a smart signal booster which amplifies FirstNet service inside buildings. The device ensures that first responders such as police, fire, and medical personnel have strong and reliable signals when using their cellular devices in emergency situations.

AT&T teamed up with the First Responder Network Authority to build FirstNet, a dedicated, high-speed LTE wireless network for public safety. Its purpose is to prevent communication challenges that may occur during emergency and disaster situations.

“Communication is essential in an emergency, particularly for first responders. As FirstNet rolls out across the nation and FirstNet compatible devices become available, the challenge of delivering dedicated signal coverage uniformly throughout a building to public safety personnel must be addressed,” Nextivity CEO Werner Sievers said in a prepared statement.

Nextivity’s Cel-Fi GO RED addresses the issue of cellular coverage holes and poor signal areas inside buildings and cellular signals inhibited or blocked by external obstacles such as hills, trees, and other tall buildings, and even by bad weather. It can be set up in minutes at any emergency site with an Instant Coverage Kit that includes the required antennas, antenna mounting tripods, and power connectors.

The device amplifies FirstNet signals in bands 12 and 14 concurrently inside any building. It provides 100 dB coverage for up to 15,000 square feet per unit, and it can work alongside legacy public safety equipment that is not compatible with FirstNet without any network interference. Cel-FI GO RED is indoor/outdoor NEMA 4 rated and can withstand harsh conditions. The device will be available starting November.

Image courtesy of Nextivity