NWP, Billing Management Program to MF Sector, Adds Spanish Bill Translation

Irvine California-based NWP, a third party utility billing provider and management program for several hundred multi-family property management companies nationwide, has recently improved resident billing services and customer support systems, adding English-to-Spanish translations. The new section to their bill works as a glossary so that Spanish speaking residents can immediately gain a better understanding of various charges and payment options. There is also on the statement a new clear indication of how to access additional bilingual customer services provided by the company.Angela Rodebaugh, director of client services & training for NWP, told CPN, “With utility costs rising at unprecedented rates, multi-family and commercial property owners will definitely want to consider options to help mitigate risks. We believe that Spanish-speaking residents can definitely benefit from help with interpreting their bills, and see this step as a response to a recognized and growing need in many communities. So we created a Spanish translation template on our billing statement. They are now directed as to how, if necessary, they can access an automated FAQ in Spanish, as well as a live Spanish-speaking customer service representative during business hours and holidays. We really expect this improvement to the services we provide the Spanish-speaking community to cause a marked decrease in our Spanish resident delinquencies.”NWP has been working with properties nationwide since 1995 to improve penetration and delinquency management, as well as with portfolio owners to increase revenue. NWP’s billing options already include aBreeze Resident Payment Processing, which allows renters to pay rent, utilities and other monthly bills together online, by telephone, or at the rental office, with electronic transfer of funds from their bank. This makes the collection process much more convenient for residents while it simultaneously gives property owners quicker access to the cash.Added Angela, “Now we have response letters and e-mails translated for our Spanish-speaking residents and will provide translated brochures, billing methodology and collection letters, upon request. Plus, we plan to be offering Spanish assistance via our website in the future.”