Opinion Shopping

What do retail owners really think? CPE partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out what they like—and don't like—about their retail centers.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600What do retail owners really think? CPE partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out what they like—and don’t like—about their retail centers.

“Electric cars are pricey, so we see customers with a higher budget driving them. Having charging stations would be a great way to bring well-qualified customers to the plaza, where they can shop while they wait for their cars to charge.” —Mesa, Ariz.

“I do wish we were given a list of the tenants and the map of the center. We have guests that get lost in the shopping center, but we do not know how to direct them where to go.” —Alexandria, Va.

“I love the play areas for kids, but the mall could use a little more dicersity in store types—maybe something like a liquor store, electronics store, or something that appeals to the male market.” —Westminster, Colo.

“I think there should be a retail advisory meeting every quarter because issues pop up frequently and they aren’t always resolved. This way there is interaction with all of the tenants and the front office more often.” —Western Springs, Ill.

“I would like to do some group advertising with all of the restaurants and other tenants. We need to all work together to get more foot traffic.” —St. Louis

“I would like to receive a monthly newsletter with information about what is happening—maybe even include a featured store each month so we get to know other tenants in the mall and can help direct customers to their stores as well.” —Houston

“I would like to see the center be more active and visible in the community by initiating and sponsoring programs. Hosting events on the property would also increase awareness of the center.” —San Jose, Calif.

“If you are considering new amenities to add for both employee and customer use, please include outdoor areas with covered seating for breaks and lunch.” —Gilbert, Ariz.

“It would be nice to have a bank deposit option for paying rent instead of the cumbersome current method of sending in a check each month.” —Houston, Ala.

“Like any other shopping center, parking always becomes and issue on high-traffic days. The availability of storefront spaces should always go to the customer, but employees should have designated spaces, too.” —Cedar Hill, Texas

“Our recycling program desperately needs to incorporate all streams of waste (glass, organic matter, etc.). Currently, we are only able to recycle paper and plastic, but sustainability is a growing concern for Millennials, as well as our older customer base.” —Forth Worth, Texas

“Please add solar panels to the roof so we can tap into an alternate energy source. Plus, solar panels will help us save on our electric bill and savings is everything for small-business survival.” —Glendora, Calif.

“Shopping at a mall is becoming obsolete, so there needs to be more ways to entertain guests. Some ideas would be a movie theater, ice rink in the winter, more activities at the mall and use of the pavilion.” —Western Springs, Ill.

“The center needs to turn on all of the lights in the parking structure at night. It is a serious concern for both customer and employee safety with half the lights being out.” —Milford, Conn.

“The mall should add social spaces within the building’s common areas. Additions such as benches, bike racks and a green playing area would be wonderful as well.” —Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“There should be more marketing options for tenants to create more traffic and increase revenues. Right now, we are not allowed to have signs outside the mall, which means people don’t know that we exist inside the mall.” —Princeton, Ala.

“We would like to have a quarterly check-in to ensure all maintenance is up-to-date and well maintained.” —McLean, Va.