Paramount’s Entire Office Portfolio Achieves LEED Certification

Three of the company's office assets, two in New York and one in San Francisco, received awards from by the Building Owners and Managers Association as well.

New York—The New York City-based Paramount Group Inc. announced that the office buildings in its consolidated portfolio earned either Gold or Platinum LEED certification. Furthermore, the assets were also awarded ENERGY STAR certification.

“For our entire portfolio to reach the two highest levels of LEED certification is a remarkable achievement, and something that we are very proud to have attained,” said Albert Behler, chairman, CEO & president of Paramount. “This accomplishment reflects on the quality of our assets and our ongoing commitment to good corporate citizenship and sustainability initiatives. In addition, these certifications also help us manage operating costs, attract and retain premium tenants and ultimately enhance portfolio value.”

The company is a recognized entity for its environmental and operational standards. Most recently, in 2016, the Building Owners and Manager Association (BOMA) of New York awarded the Pinnacle Award to two of Paramount’s properties, 712 Fifth Avenue and 900 Third Avenue. The latter was awarded with the “Grand Pinnacle” award, which is the top prize in the competition.

Also in 2016, San Francisco’s One Market Plaza office building was named by BOMA San Francisco as the “Outstanding Building of the Year” for the more than one million square foot category for its all-around excellence in building operations and management.

“We are pleased to have achieved Gold and Platinum LEED certification across our portfolio,” added Ralph DiRuggiero, senior vice president of property management for Paramount. “This achievement is a testament to the passion and drive our staff has for advancing our sustainability initiatives to ensure we remain the industry leader in this category.”

Images courtesy of Paramount Group Inc.