Park Assist: Guiding Users to Available Parking

The technology digitally monitors spots in parking garages and alerts drivers in real time, which maximizes usage and improves traffic flow.

What if customers, tenants or visitors of commercial properties didn’t have to circle parking garages or lots to find available spots? Park Assist’s M4 smart-sensor parking guidance system makes every driver’s dream a reality with technology that also reduces costs, provides operational benefits and increases revenue. 

The M4 system uses License Plate Recognition technology in tandem with directional signage to guide drivers to the nearest available space. Upon entry to the parking facility, drivers are led by exterior and entry Park Assist signage to real time available parking throughout an entire facility. Brightly colored LEDs signal drivers to open spaces, and guests are able to quickly and conveniently park their vehicle. Each autonomous smart sensor can stream images, video and data to the main server for real time occupancy monitoring and tracking of driver behaviors, preferences and usage patterns. Park Assist also offers a mobile app, Find Your Car, which helps users find their space upon their return. 

The system provides both customer service to visitors and return on investment to ownership, ensuring that every space in a garage is utilized. The opportunity to maximize usage per square foot can save significant amounts in construction costs for a new facility, or postpone or eliminate the need to expand or replace existing facilities. 

In addition to the sensors and intuitive controls, the Park Surveillance feature is also available, allowing for a security enhancement to the package. Park Surveillance is a camera-based system that captures streaming video continuously or whenever motion is detected in or around a designated space, upon management’s choice. The system provides owners and management with expanded visibility and security and guests with peace of mind knowing their vehicle is being monitored.