Peter Boritz: Put Your Cloud Safety Fears Aside

With the many security challenges that face the in...
With the many security challenges that face the internet today, numerous companies have adopted a “Cloud” infrastructure utilizing different SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies.  In the commercial real estate industry sensitive information is being passed via the internet daily including accounting and tenant information.  A common misperception about the “Cloud” is that a company no longer has control over their network and is therefore more susceptible to security risks.
Put those ideas to rest!  Because now more than ever our information is secure and protected.  To ease your suspicions, I have broken down these successful security technologies used by companies:
Access Management:  Who will access your applications?  This is a security policy to control all your web enabled platforms.  This is important in real estate as competitors and certain individuals should not be granted access to certain data.  Without a username and password these people will not gain access.
Auditing and Logging:  Now that you have a set list of users with specific access levels you can audit and log their usage. This will provide a measure of accountability in case something goes wrong or goes missing.  These capabilities are also useful for compliance standards.
Central De-Provisioning:  The advent of companies specializing in Cloud Security allows for easy integration of your existing applications. This leads to ease of provisioning or de provisioning.  The benefit is that you will not have to take an application to application approach when adding or removing users and therefore reducing the chance of mistakes.
Single Sign On:  This is the end user benefit for integration.  With centralized management it is possible to utilize one username and password for all your enabled applications.  This keeps your network organized and more secure as you can govern access and credentials in one place.
At RDM, we have 3 Cloud based applications that employ the security strategies mentioned above. Utilizing such technologies will insure that your real estate information will remain secure and protected in the “Cloud.”

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Peter Boritz is a principal at Real Data Management.