Please Don’t Go: Employee Retention and What Tenants Want

What are the difference-makers when it comes to employee retention and what can commercial centers do to keep tenants happy?

CPE and Kingsley Associates partnered up this month to hear what tenants had to say regarding employee retention and what can be done to help it.

“We keep a standard square footage-per-employee as per company’s guideline. However, seating is flexible and for only 75% of the headcount. Employees are encouraged to work from home to balance their personal life and to compliment flexible working concept.” –Indianapolis, Ill.

“Although our maintenance staff is talented, they shouldn’t service areas they are not familiar with as it just takes longer. For example, their fixing the air conditioning when it’s outside of their purview.” –Santa Fe Spring, Calif.

“I enjoy being downtown on the campus of a busy hospital. The success of my business depends heavily on being accessible and visible. For employees on campus, we are a convenient option for dental care.” –Birmingham, Ala.

“There has been a change in management too frequently to know who is in charge. It would be reassuring to know the benefits a tenant is offered, as well as what might be offered to our staff. (e.g. tenant cards, providing discounts to staff, etc.)” –New York, N.Y.

“I cannot express this enough – access to more amenities and food options. I know this is a work in progress, however, the lack of access to amenities (e.g. the fitness center, sit-down dining) makes it difficult to recruit talent.” –Boston, Mass.

“First, I feel we should stop referring to employees as tenants. Both parking and having the ability to buy food in the building can be improved. Also, the building could be more secured. There are safety concerns for those who work late.” –Miami, Fla.

“Recycling would be great. We currently have a box that an employee takes home. Also, a gym and / or showers would also be a big plus.” –Oklahoma City, Okla.

“I wish there was less turnover in security / concierge services, and that new security / concierge personnel would be introduced, at least with an announcement and a picture sent around via email, if not in person.” –Bethesda, Md.

“We need a food court so my employees don’t have to drive elsewhere because our current option is so expensive. Many of my employees here get dropped off.” –Cedar Hill, Texas

“I think the only thing that could have been improved was to make the center look more up-to-date. We recently had the center painted. I wish it would have been a more updated color change along with add-ons to make the center more welcoming and not dated with yellowish colors.” Altamonte Spring, Fla.

“The young workforce does not want to commute to this area. In order to attract talent, this needs to be addressed. If it is not addressed, we will not renew.” –Skokie, Ill.

“This is a great retail destination and eatery.  But the management of that unit is tough on the tenants, tough for the customer to get to, and it must be hard to work there as well considering the constant turnover.” –Atlanta, Ga.

“We are open later than most businesses, so by the time we get to the parking lot, all of our front row parking is taken by employees of other businesses. We would like those front parking spaces for our customers, but understand there is no reserved parking.” –Riverside, Ca.