Polski Solar to Develop Deer-Shaped Solar Farm

The 10-megawatt facility, estimated to generate sufficient energy to power 4,500 households, will comprise 30,000 black and blue colored photovoltaic panels shaped like a reclining deer.

Jelenia Gora solar Farm, Poland
Jelenia Gora solar Farm, Poland

Polski Solar S.A., a member of the Jelenia Gora Renewable Energy, announced the start of construction on a 10-megawatt designer solar photovoltaic power plant near Jelenia Gora (Deer Mountain), a town in Lower Silesia in southwestern Poland.

Expansion opportunities

The company selected a unique shape for the farm, like the panda-shaped solar facility in northwestern China, except that here the project will offer a visual representation of a deer, as a symbolic reference to the town’s name. In a statement, the company’s CEO, William Buba, named the town a “leader in the drive for energy independence for municipalities in Poland”.

More specifically, the solar farm will feature a reclining deer using 30,000 black and blue colored solar photovoltaic panels on more than 54 acres. The facility is estimated to generate sufficient clean energy to power 4,500 households. The estimated cost for the solar project is $10.6 million.

In light of the recent reform of Poland’s Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act, which encourages municipalities to formally engage in local generation and distribution of electricity, the project is being developed as an “energy cluster.” Planned expansion includes an additional 4-megawatt of solar photovoltaic and 3 megawatts of biogas, which will generate approximately 30,000 megawatt hours annually.

Image courtesy of Polski Solar