Privacy Booth Creates Quiet Workplace Retreat

The spacious product from VARIDESK is equipped with a fixed-height shelf, multiple AC and USB ports and a skylight.
Privacy Booth. Image courtesy of VARIDESK

Office furniture maker VARIDESK has introduced a privacy pod for the workplace that resembles a large, comfortable phone booth. Built with contract-grade steel, the Privacy Booth features foam insulation in the wall panel and felt lining in the interior that serve to dampen sound.

The product includes a fixed-height shelf that can accommodate a laptop and other essentials, so employees can work in solitude when they need concentration or take notes during a confidential call. The booth is also equipped with an LED task lamp, three AC outlets, two USB ports, motion-sensor fan ventilation and a glass skylight that admits natural light into the space.

Measuring 80.5 inches tall by 48 inches wide, the Privacy Booth is large enough to fit a VARIchair, the company’s adjustable standing desk chair. The both is designed to be easy to move and can be assembled or taken apart in minutes.