Product Showcase: Senator

Senator's new Freeflex office chair addresses many health problems associated with common sitting habits at work.

By Mallory Bulman, Associate Editor

Freeflex_A_8584996v3_LoThe research on health complications from desk chairs is staggering, especially considering that Americans sit for an average of 13 hours every day. The ideal solution to this problem is sitting less, but not everyone has the access or motivation to switch to a standing desk or exercise ball as an alternative. For people who must sit at a desk, the best thing they can do is adjust the way they sit to lessen the strain on their back and neck.

Since no one is perfect, the right chair can help guide posture and movement in order to create a healthier sitting position. This mindset is what helped shape the design for furniture brand Senator’s new addition, the Freeflex office chair. Designer Justus Kolberg spearheaded the innovative design, which incorporates new ergonomic features and added flexibility. “Static sedentary postures are not what the human form was designed for: we were made to move and flex within our day-to-day lives, and the modern office chair needs to flex with us and our environment,” said Kolberg.

task-seating-2074-freeflex-model-a-8588161v3-extend-bThe designer’s new take on the prototypical desk chair incorporates this flexibility in many ways, including the ability to make simple yet effective adjustments to the seat height, seat depth and back height. One of the key elements that sets the design apart is the attention paid to a person’s natural pivot points, or where they are flexible. This understanding fueled the development of features like dynamic weight-balancing tilting and an articulated flexing back, which both simultaneously encourage movement yet provide support.

Manufactured by The Senator Group, a UK-headquartered company, the Freeflex model consists of 99-100 percent recyclable parts.