Product Spotlight: ALICE

The software platform offers both staff- and guest-facing apps to streamline service and operations in hospitality properties.

By Mallory Bulman

Today, you can order takeout, buy a birthday present, pay your bills and even rent a car with apps. Consumers have wholly embraced the concept of using technology to accomplish tasks without human interaction, and hospitality company ALICE has taken note. The company, a software platform for hotels that facilitates communication between guests and different staff departments, was inspired by the app-driven business models of companies like Uber and OpenTable.

The ALICE Suite encompasses three different apps: ALICE Staff, a request management system that manages and tracks request resolution; ALICE Concierge, an organization tool for concierge teams that collects guest expectation data; and ALICE Guest, an app that allows hotel guest to message staff anytime through a smartphone app or text messaging.

The cohesive nature of the platform brings all staff communication into one place, streamlining operations and facilitating teamwork. By utilizing the software to fulfill guests’ needs and track staff progress and communication, data is collected and stored so that management can analyze trends in order to improve operations and exceed guest expectations in the future. App or messaging communication allows both guests and staff to respond quickly, conveniently and directly to the appropriate department.

Software integration allows for room service orders to be sent directly to POS systems and for guest activity to be saved for future service and marketing insights. Business intelligence features can be used to create custom reports on revenue, productivity and usage, while data can be leveraged to asses department performance and audit actions by staff and guests. Hotel partners pay between $500 to $1500 per month for access to the platform, depending on property size and needs.