Product Spotlight: AquaBoy Pro II

The award-winning product converts air to purified drinking water.

At the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla., winners were announced from the show’s fifth annual Best of IBS Awards, which pits top products against each other in nine categories. After receiving more than 400 entries, a panel of independent judges decided on the category winners and an overall Best in Show award.

“We’ve seen a wide range of innovative new products this year at IBS, but these award winners really do stand out,” said Ann Garvey, NAHB’s 2016 Conventions and Meetings Committee Chair and principal of A&J Construction & Consulting in Charlotte, Mich.

On the final day of the show, it was announced that AquaBoy Pro II by Aquarius Brands achieved the Best in Show distinction after sweeping the awards last year as a finalist in four different categories.

office aquaboy AquaBoy Pro II definitely qualifies as innovative, and is a unique product with applications in almost any property. The AquaBoy Pro II works by drawing in air through a HEPA air filter, then generating water from water vapor and filtering it. The seven-stage filtering process ultimately produces between two to five gallons of purified water without chlorine, fluoride or lead. The water also goes through a sediment filter that eliminates particles more than five microns in diameter, a pre-carbon filter with activated carbon and coconut shell that polishes the water, a fine membrane filter that further eliminates particles as small as .01 microns in diameter, followed by another polishing filter.

After the water is thoroughly purified, it is treated by a UV lamp in a stainless steel tank to kill any remaining bacteria or microorganisms. The resulting water then flows into two tank reservoirs, one for water heated to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and one for water chilled to 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though the process of converting air to fresh, filtered water may sound complicated, installation is anything but. Users can plug it into any 110-120-volt receptacle and follow the included instructions. At properties like hotels or office buildings, where costly water cooler bottles quickly add up, the AquaBoy Pro II can be an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial addition. Especially in climates with droughts or areas with poor water quality, the AquaBoy Pro II can be a useful solution that eliminates the need for bottled water altogether.

Image and video courtesy of Aquarius Brands