Product Spotlight: Belbien Architectural Finishes

The method introduces a stylish and cost-effective alternative to pricey luxury options.

By Mallory Bulman

Belbein Architectural Finishes, before and after
Belbein Architectural Finishes, before and after

Upscale finishes like natural wood, stone, brushed metals and marble are at the height of interior design luxury right now. Whether a property is going for a rustic industrial look with natural wood paneling or an elegant atmosphere with leather and brushed metal, it can be costly to embrace the modern trends. Belbien Architectural Finishes, distributed by Interior Design Solutions, offers its solution in the form of adhesive-backed finishes that create the look and feel of upscale finishes. Belbien’s finishes are currently used in a variety of property types and applications, including large-scale commercial buildings, architectural signage, hotels, casinos, schools and cruise ships, among others.

The adhesive backed component of the product allows easy and quick updates to interior walls, signs, doors, elevators and more without the disruption that traditional installation of luxury finishes entails. Its lightweight and versatile adherence to different surfaces makes for time-efficient application, and the 430 different finish options ensure that there is a finish for any design scheme.

Trends are fickle, and while investing in a wood veneer or fabricated metals may seem like a good long-term investment,  Belbien’s finishes can be easily updated to modernize a surface in a cost-effective way. In addition, Belbien finishes can be applied to existing surfaces, cutting out the time- and cost-consuming process of surface renewals.