Product Spotlight: Camio

This sophisticated video surveillance system works with existing cameras and allows remote access to footage on a variety of devices.

2-camiocam-view-on-iphone-100581288-largeManaging security at commercial properties can be a challenge, especially as video monitoring systems evolve faster than they can be replaced. Camio, a company headed by Carter Maslan, former director of product management at Google, can transform any smartphone, tablet, computer, network camera or DVR into a cohesive video monitoring system.

Camio is a software that automatically streams video to the cloud using the property’s internet connection, and monitors more than 2.5 million seconds of footage per month. By reviewing footage and approving important events, the software learns which events are a priority to record.

Camio works with any cameras that already exist on site, including Android and iOS devices, Network Video Recorders or IP cameras. The “Smart Search” feature allows users to find specific moments, like a package delivery. Searches can even be as specific as “people leaving building.” Searches can also be pinned so alerts will be received whenever something matches the search description. Additionally, a two-way talk feature can be activated when recording with the Android, iOS or Browser apps.

Unlimited storage and unlimited users mean that 30-90 days of video can be stored on the cloud regardless of resolution or size and can be viewed by any number of authorized users. Every connection to Camio is encrypted with 128-bit encryption and every video is stored under the AES-128 Advanced Encryption Standard, meaning that no one can access the video feed, not even Camio engineers.