Product Spotlight: ChargePoint EV Chargers

The company boasts a network of more than 31,000 existing stations.

By Mallory Bulman

 ChargePoint EV Charger and Power Cube
ChargePoint EV Charger and Power Cube

According to a study released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, sales of electric vehicles will reach 41 million by 2040, accounting for 35 percent of new light duty vehicle sales. Electric vehicles (EVs) it seems, are the cars of the future, as the study pointed out that the estimated 2020 figure is almost 90 times the equivalent figure for  2015. As the cost of lithium-ion batteries decreases, electrically charged vehicles are becoming more viable, and according to Bloomberg analysts, the price will continue to drop.

The future’s fleet of EVs will need place to charge, and companies like ChargePoint are leading the transportation revolution. The company aims to foster the conversion to EVs by creating a connected charging network that will allow drivers to charge up everywhere they go. ChargePoint helps commercial buildings turn existing parking spots into EV charging stations that connect to an app and larger network to enable drivers to locate ChargePoints on the go. Boasting more than 31,000 existing connected charging spots, the company is one of the largest comprehensive charging networks.

The Express Plus, the model recommended for “ultra-fast charging on major roadways and in metros where drivers want to recharge at fastest charging speeds,” is designed to charge an EV for hundreds of miles of range in less than 15 minutes. The station can also be expanded as demand grows with the addition of Power Modules, Power Cubes or more stations. More Power Cubes provide more kilowatts (kW) of continuous power, and in its optimum configuration, the Express Plus is able to deliver up to 400 kW to a single vehicle.

Features of any Express Plus configuration include: smart power allocation that adjusts itself according to each battery’s charge level; large-format 20″ LED displays that show station status, charging status and instructions; universal compatibility with up to three different connector types; low maintenance costs; remote monitoring and intelligent diagnostics; and the option to generate usage and energy reports.

Image courtesy of ChargePoint