Coalesse PowerPod

An organizational tool and device-charging hub in one simplified accessory.

powerpod-organizer_600x480Technology has not just infiltrated most people’s personal time, it has become increasingly integral to office life, as well. Whether scheduling appointments on a phone or taking notes on a laptop during a meeting, at some point you’ll need to recharge most devices that are used consistently throughout the day, making outlets a commodity in most workspaces.

Rather than wrestling with unsightly extension cords or crawling under the desk to find precious outlet real estate, Coalesse, a workplace furnishing design company, has created a viable and well-designed solution. The PowerPod is both a charging station and an organizer for desk necessities like pens, scissors and Post-its. With six power outlets hidden under the accessory organizer, the PowerPod provides much-needed outlet space when in use but can be hidden away when devices are charged.

With a center switch to power on and off, a light that indicates when the PowerPod is on and a circuit breaker integrated into the bottom of the device, energy usage can be controlled as needed. With a maximum power load of 120 volts and built-in surge protection, the PowerPod is well suited for use in conference rooms or on personal desks. In an office setting, the PowerPod achieves a sleek design, a more organized desk or tabletop, and the option to charge as many as six devices at once.

Image courtesy of Coalesse