Product Spotlight: Electric Mirror

The device provides entertainment value without sacrificing style at hospitality properties.

Reflection-Lighted-Mirror-TV-Fairmont-Pacific-JPGWhether used to streamline design by eliminating the traditional TV stand and cables or to add a screen to the bathroom mirror, Electric Mirror TV mirrors are a creative design solution to guests’ desire for technology amenities that don’t compromise modern design standards. The large Entertainment Mirror TV model can take the place of a typical wall-mounted TV, but when it is switched off it takes the appearance of a regular mirror.

Bathroom options include the Loft, which is a simple unframed mirror panel available in a variety of sizes that, when turned on, has a smaller TV screen in the bottom corner, and the Stanford, a regal framed model with options for frame finishes and sizing. There is also the option of the Waterproof TV, which can be mounted in bathrooms near tubs or showers and is available in two sizes and three finishes.

lighted mirrorAll mirrors can be customized with the company’s Hospitality TV upgrade, which allows hotel management to include custom branded welcome screens and start-up messaging, custom channel lineups and set maximum and start-up volume controls. Electric Mirror boasts an impressive list of clients on its website, including various Hilton, Hyatt, Marriot, Ritz-Carlton and W Hotel locations.

All images courtesy of Electric Mirror