Product Spotlight: mcSquare Whiteboards

mcSquares offer a twist on the whiteboard that makes collaborating both more productive and more fun.

By Mallory Bulman, Associate Editor

mcSquares mounted on wall brackets
mcSquares mounted on wall brackets

Anthony Franco has been in more than his fair share of meetings. In his experience founding six successful companies, Franco noticed one thing in common with all of their brainstorming sessions: people are afraid to speak up. While running software design and development workshops at his firm, EffectiveUI, Franco noticed that the employees with the best ideas often felt uncomfortable communicating their ideas in the intimidating meeting setting. He tried Post-its, iPad apps and various other collaboration tools, but couldn’t find one that took the pressure off sharing ideas in a meeting.

Exploded-mcSquare-Franco then discovered that a small, handheld whiteboard that could also be displayed on a wall incorporates the needs for both individualized brainstorming and group collaboration at once, and mcSquares was founded in 2013. The system is made up of handheld whiteboards with mounting brackets that make it easy to attach and remove boards from the wall for display. The boards also come with a variety of different interchangeable drawing templates that lay under the glass writing surface, transforming your mcSquare into anything from a calendar to a flow chart.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company received its first inventory shipment in May 2015, and mcSquares are now being tested in 20 universities, 100 high schools and elementary schools and 10 Fortune 500 companies. mcSquares can be arranged many ways and installed virtually anywhere, making the brainstorming process as creative as the team is.