Product Spotlight: Park Assist’s M4 Smart-Sensor Parking Guidance System

The company's sensors streamline parking with real-time spot availability displays, license plate verification and parking violation alerts, and the ability to find your parking spot with a smartphone app.

park assistIn large employment centers like office complexes, universities and healthcare facilities, parking can often be confusing for visitors and frustrating for operations and management departments to run smoothly. Recently, the University of Texas at Dallas prepared to optimize the flow of traffic in their new campus garage in Richardson, Texas, with the help of Park Assist, a system that guides drivers with real-time parking availability and authorizes different parking passes. The University uses a permit-based system, so Park Assists M4 sensors were installed to differentiate different parking permits by color.

Park Assist offers an app that drivers can use to navigate to their space, and the University of Texas opted for smart sensors with dual cameras providing an unobstructed view of the parking spaces on each side. This allows for a unique vantage point and can prevent fender benders.

The system’s License Plate Recognition function enforces permit-based parking by indicating where each user is authorized to park, automating the time-consuming process of manual parking tickets.

“This unique application of Park Assist’s M4 system at UT Dallas’ new PS4 parking structure combines an effortless parking experience with increased automation and data for UT Parking Operations. As a result of the UTD parking model, I believe universities around the country will be looking to replicate this innovative application,” said Gary Neff, CEO of Park Assist.