ProLogis Details Sustainability Efforts

Industrial property giant ProLogis has released its second “Sustainability Report,” describing the company’s environmental and social initiatives to promote sustainable practices in both its properties and the countries in which it operates.  The report is an example of the growing trend of public corporations not only reporting their financials–which is a legal obligation–but also their green efforts, which is voluntary.  The report outlines several sustainability projects and initiatives undertaken by the company since it published a similar report last year. For example, ProLogis has decided to develop all new warehouses to national green building standards in the United States and the United Kingdom. That decision means that all its new buildings will be registered for certification under LEED and BREEAM standards, respectively.  The report singles out one particular U.K. development as noteworthy; the 624,000-square-foot facility at ProLogis Park Pineham, Northampton, which it notes has the lowest carbon footprint of any such facility in Europe. The structure exceeds U.K. building regulations in this regard by 40 percent.  Elsewhere, the company describes its commitment to fund the construction of one new school in China for every 5 million square feet of development that the company completes in the country. As part of this pledge, ProLogis opened of its first Hope School in 2007 in the Guangxi disaster area. The potential impact of sustainability improvements among its portfolio is quite large, the company notes. Currently, Denver-based ProLogis operates in 118 markets across North America, Europe and Asia, with a portfolio of about 510.2 million square feet in 2,773 properties.