RACO Rolls Out Gangable Electrical Wall Boxes

The new devices are optimized to deliver data, audio/video and power side by side.
RACO model 985 and 986 boxes. Image courtesy of Hubbell Commercial Construction

RACO, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, has introduced a new set of electrical wall boxes that deliver data, audio/video and power. The steel boxes are optimized for applications using high-performance Category 6 and 6A cables and have a gangable design for greater flexibility in configuration and installation.

The new boxes include the 2-gang 985 model and the 3-gang 986 model, which can be installed independently or “ganged” together—that is, connected side by side—to accommodate any number of devices. RACO is also offering the 989 model low-voltage partition. The products are 4 inches deep and include concentric 1- to 2-inch knockouts to handle pre-terminated cables and bends in fiber-optic cable, plus 1/2- to 3/4-inch knockouts for additional wiring flexibility.

The wall boxes also feature adjustable stud mounting brackets to handle different stud and sheetrock thicknesses, as well as built-in far side support handles that can fit any stud sizes. The product, which has applications in commercial, institutional and residential properties, adheres to National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) spacing, so that standard wall plates will fit no matter how many boxes are ganged together.