RDM’s New Interactive Marketing Tool Helps Users With Room Design

Property managers and tenants alike now have a new online tool in their arsenal.

February 18, 2010
By Allison Landa, News Editor

Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons user mkosut

Property managers and tenants alike now have a new online tool in their arsenal.

Real estate technology provider Real Data Management has announced a partnership with interactive space-planning provider Icovia. The joint effort adds Icovia’s Space Planner tool to RDM’s Real Access Multi-Family software suite.

Using interactive floorplan technology and a drag-and-drop interface, potential tenants can make a virtual space their own by adjusting furniture and other room elements to fit their needs. Space plans can also be printed or emailed, maing it easy to share potential room designs amongst household members or real estate representatives.

Users can choose amongst a variety of room types: living room, bedroom, youth bedroom, dining room, home office or other.

CPE decided to use the Space Planner to rework a less-than-spacious home office. Inputting a length of ten by ten, we found ourselves able to choose from products and furniture in order to customize the space. To outfit the office, we chose a regular workstation, home office chair, desktop printer, and the ubiquitous laptop, as well as a business phone, paper shredder, mail bin, and file folders. Of course, no office would be complete without a water cooler and Swingline stapler, so these were also included.

From there we were able to adjust simply by dragging and dropping elements. Rough measurements were also included for more precise design. From there, the design can be printed, emailed, and even shared on Facebook. Office clutter, however, is not included.

Based in New York, RDM has been in business for a quarter of a century and has tracked and managed more than 500 million square feet of real estate in hundreds of buildings worldwide. New Hampshire-based Icovia has a database of more than two million plans and converts traffic from licensee sites into more than 50,000 registered and profiled prospects each month.