RICS: A ‘Roadmap’ to Prepare for the Future

RICS is releasing a new report today at the RICS 2015 Summit of the Americas conference in Los Angeles. Get a glimpse of what's inside.
Dan Cook
Daniel Cook, RICS

The new RICS report, Our Changing World: Let’s Be Ready, which will be released today at the RICS 2015 Summit of the Americas conference in Los Angeles, is a “roadmap” to help the surveying industry keep up with changes and prepare for the future of the profession.

The document is the result of three years of research, events and discussions with more than 400 industry professionals around the world, said Daniel Cook, one of the authors of the 76-page report and director of strategy and planning for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a global organization with more than 118,000 members.

What became clear, he said, is that there will be unprecedented global change over the next 15 years and the industry’s stakeholders must start preparing for it now.

“We identified a really long list of actions we should be considering going forward,” Cook told Commercial Property Executive during a break at the summit being held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles. “We are actually going to try to use this as a catalyst for change.”

The report highlights six areas of action for the industry: winning the war for talent, making ethics central to professional behavior, creating successful and sustainable future cities, embracing technology and data, helping the surveying industry tackle new opportunities and developing strong leadership.

RICS CEO Sean Tompkins said in a news release that the report aims to identify the implications of rapid change and stimulate debate among professionals in the built environment sector as well as other sectors.

“We recognize that we cannot not achieve this alone, it’s about collaboration – this report is an open invitation for firms, organizations and individuals who want to help ensure our sector is fit for future generations,” Tompkins said.

Cook said the subject of ethics consistently generated conversation throughout numerous discussions with stakeholders around the world.

“A lady who was engaged with us in the Brazilian market told us, ‘You can have the best measurements and valuation standards in the world, but if the people applying them are not ethical, we’ve got a major problem,’ ” Cook said.

Competing for talent and engaging the next generation were also raised as important issues during the research period, Cook told CPE.

“Our sector will need to invest more in its people and new skills. Boosting leadership, innovation, ethics, sustainability and commercial acumen will help our sector be able to adapt and succeed as business models, technology and societal expectations change,” Cook said in the news release. “With the rise in use of tools such as Building Information Modeling increasing our capacity to collect and share data, new technology emerging in both our built and natural environments such as the Internet of Things and 3D printing, standing still is not an option. Professions like ours, educators and firms will need to change to embrace roles and skills that have not even been imagined today in the period to 2030.”

RICS Global President Louise Brooke-Smith said the report and the organization’s Futures Project, which began in 2010, are “needed to respond to a modern and changing world.”

“It’s about remaining relevant as an organization and as a sector and ensuring we attract and retain the best talent,” she said in the release.

CPE readers can access the report by clicking on the RICS link:  Our Changing World: Let’s be Ready.