RICS Global Survey: Europe Leads the Way

In the first CPE-RICS podcast for 2018, RICS chief economist Simon Rubinsohn examines the underlying factors that make up the upbeat sentiment dominating most global real estate markets.


The RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor survey for the last quarter of 2017 reveals that European markets continue to lead the way when it comes to occupancy and investment, with a positive outlook for the 12 months to come. Respondents believe the larger, highly priced markets are at cycle peak due, in particular, to property valuations. While the United Kingdom is far from a notable impact of the Brexit vote, the story in the United States comes down to specific trends in each market. RICS Chief Economist Simon Rubinsohn sheds some light on the evolution of the real estate industry around the world in the last part of 2017 in a discussion with CPE Senior Writer Alexandra Pacurar.

Tune in to the CPE-RICS Report podcast series to find out where cap rates are expected to fall a little further in the next six months and how political factors influenced investors’ appetite for real estate assets.