Rising Real Estate Insurance Rates in 2021

How You Can Take Control and Manage Costs

Hard hit by costly catastrophic claims, the property insurance market will continue to “harden” in the coming year. Fewer insurance carriers are willing to underwrite risks, and the ones that have the appetite to do so are likely to increase their premiums. This problem impacts real estate property managers across North America, affecting both commercial and residential properties.

Join experts from HUB International to learn about: 

  • The evolving real estate insurance market landscape—and how you can prepare for the insurance renewal process
  • Various exposures that your properties will be facing in 2021—and how to create a comprehensive risk management strategy to become a more “desirable” risk in the eyes of insurance underwriters
  • Examples of strategies HUB has employed to successfully help its clients manage the insurance renewal process and secure insurance coverage

Fortunately, as a property manager, there are immediate steps and best practices you can enact, both from an insurance and risk management perspective, to reduce risk and manage your insurance costs. Join us and learn how to protect your people, your property, and your profitability in 2021.

Featured Speakers:

Dave Barthel
Vice President Risk Services Manager–Western Canada
HUB International
Lindsay Shapiro
Lindsay Shapiro
Risk Consultant
HUB International
Chip Stuart
Real Estate Practice Leader
HUB International





Paul Rosta
Executive Editor
Multi-Housing News