Robot Carpet Cleaner Invades America

Jointly developed by SoftBank Robotics America and ICE Robotics, the 66-pound Whiz automates the vacuuming process.
Whiz. Image courtesy of SoftBank Robotics America

SoftBank Robotics America and ICE Robotics have introduced Whiz, a commercial-grade vacuum robot that cleans carpets autonomously in spaces from airports to offices. The 66-pound robot can repeat a cleaning route on its own after being “trained” by staff and can store up to 600 routes, freeing up janitorial teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

The intelligent vacuum sweeper, which comes with a touch display and separate notification pager, is designed to handle soft surface cleaning in commercial or institutional facilities. Using computer vision navigation, Whiz can hug walls and weave around obstacles as it sends out real-time alerts to flag any unexpected issues. BrainOS autonomous navigation software allows the device to maneuver complex, dynamic environments.

SoftBank Robotics America developed the product jointly with ICE Robotics, a division of Hong Kong-based Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Group. Whiz is now available in North America after previously being launched in Japan and select Asian markets.