Rosslyn: A Vision of the Future

Do you want to see the future? If you live in Rosslyn, you are about to.

By Adrian Maties, Associate Editor

Rosslyn Sector Plan

Do you want to see the future? If you live in Rosslyn, you’re about to.

The Arlington County Board has voted unanimously to adopt two plans expected to completely transform the community in the coming decades. They are designed to turn the neighborhood into a more walkable, dynamic, live-work-shop-play urban center.

The first plan is known as the Western Rosslyn Area Plan and addresses some of the county’s highest priorities. It calls for the redevelopment of the area bounded by 18th Street North, Wilson Boulevard, North Quinn Street and the eastern property line of the 1555 Wilson Blvd. office building. Once construction is finished, this portion of Rosslyn will have a new 775-seat secondary school, Fire Station #10, Rosslyn Highlands Park and another small park space; a mixed-use development; as well as up to 250 units of affordable housing.

The second plan, the Rosslyn Sector Plan, represents the first in-depth review since the Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum was adopted in 1992. It comes at a time when central Rosslyn is going through its second generation of redevelopment and sets out policies on building heights; public spaces; housing; and bicycle and pedestrian amenities.

Known as Realize Rosslyn, the 25-year plan’s primary goals are:

  • To create a better urban design framework that will turn Rosslyn into a more attractive place;
  • To provide a more specific building heights strategy and create a dynamic skyline that will allow for more light and air to travel between the buildings;
  • To create a more cohesive and functional parks and open space network and meet the recreational needs of Rosslyn’s residents;
  • To refine the multimodal transportation system consistent with current Master Transportation Plan policies in order to improve accessibility for future Rosslyn residents, workers and visitors.

At least on paper, Rosslyn appears to have a bright future ahead of it. But what do you think of the two plans? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Arlington County