Russian Residential Developer Opens Sales on Latest Residential Complex

Moscow-based residential development firm PIK Group recently launched sales for a new centrally located project.

Moscow-based residential development firm PIK Group recently launched sales for a new centrally located project. The Michurinskiy residential complex is set in the Russian capital’s downtown area, near the frequented Vorobyevy and Poklonnaya Hills, two of the city’s best-known relaxation areas. It is also located in close proximity to the main building of Moscow State University, an architectural attraction for tourists, as well as the Moscow City business district.

Located on a massive 49-acre lot, the Michurinskiy residential complex has buildings in varying stages of completion, with some already completed and others still well under construction. Most of the structures feature underground parking facilities, as well as retail areas, services and resident recreational areas. The massive apartment community is also set to receive education facilities such as kindergartens and schools for older children in the coming years. Currently up for sale, apartments in the Michurinskiy complex will appeal to the city’s middle-class buyers.

PIK is also responsible for the English Town development, a 10-acre project located between Garden Ring Road and The Third Ring Road in a central part of Moscow. Marketed as a high-end residential complex, English Town offers easy access to five metro stations and is in the immediate vicinity of the area’s main boulevards. The development will feature a wide range of floor plans, from studio apartments to penthouse units. Parking facilities will offer 1,193 spaces for residents.

Also under development and available for sale are units in the Novo-Peredelkino and Grand Kuskovo apartment complexes. PIK will also start marketing units in the recently commenced Buninsky, located in the “new Moscow” area, and Mironovsky residential developments some time before the end of 2012.

PIK Group was recently named among the top three public companies in Russia, based on quality of publicity. Organized by the National Association of Corporate Secretaries, the competition included entries from 70 different Russian companies. The other two top-placing companies were VTB bank and NLMK, a metallurgical company.