Sacramento-Area Counties Continue Correctional Facilities Revamp

Yolo County continues to access state funds as its correctional facilities require renovation.

By Alex Girda, Associate Editor

Over the past few years, the counties that make up the Sacramento MSA have been requesting funds and applying for grants that would help renew the area’s aging correctional facilities. Most recently, Yolo County received $30.5 million in state corrections funds that will be used to rebuild the Walter J. Leinberger Memorial Center in the coming years.

The new 150-bed facility will take shape on Tony Diaz Drive in Woodland, an Eastern submarket of Sacramento. Yolo County is thus continuing an expansive project to refurbish and improve its jail facility.

Monroe Detention Center
Monroe Detention Center

This summer, Yolo County also accessed $36.3 million in funding that it was awarded back in 2014 as part of the second phase of Assembly Bill 900. Those funds will be used to expand the Monroe Detention Center on East Gibson Road, also in Woodland. The 1988-built detention center is being renovated in order to satisfy Californian law changes collected in AB 109 and AB 117, a 2011 public safety realignment legislative package that aimed to better manage the state’s overcrowded correctional system.

Since then, the counties of the Sacramento MSA have applied and received funds that will upgrade the level of their facilities, as they comply to the growing number of offenders that are incarcerated in county-run facilities.

Placer County also received $9.5 million in funding for the development of re-entry housing as well as new rehabilitation facilities that will be part of its correctional system, while Amador County secured $17.2 million that will see new medical and mental health treatment space added, as well as maximum-security beds. According to The Sacramento Bee, the counties of Yuba and Colusa have also been awarded $20 million each, which will be used in similar ways.

Image courtesy of the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office