Sales & Marketing Materials that Make a Difference in Commercial Real Estate

In today's highly competitive and ever-expanding commercial real estate market, it is crucial to have a visual asset that provides comprehensive designs quickly and accurately.

In the commercial real estate industry, many clients rely on architects to provide blueprints of a building or complex. The problem with 2D renderings is that they lack accurate visuals and fine details.

Today’s commercial real estate market is highly competitive and ever-expanding. This makes it crucial to have a visual asset that sets you apart from the beginning. QA Graphics can take your abstract concepts and turn them into comprehensive designs at a much faster rate. For example, a base site map gives customers a powerful tool to show potential tenants what their space may look like before it’s even built, down to furniture placement. With all 3D assets in place, QA Graphics can provide any view of an interior or exterior the customer may need.

The company also creates photorealistic 3D site maps with roadways, vegetation, signage, existing buildings, patio layouts, and greenspaces, which is exactly what they did for D.R.A. Properties, L.C., an Iowa-based company that collaborated with QA Graphics to develop their biggest project to date: Prairie Trail’s “The District.”

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