San Diego State Starts $53M Makeover of Residence Hall

San Diego State University’s Zura residence hall renovation project has officially begun as Balfour Beatty Construction is handling the process on behalf of the organization. The process is essentially a $53 million investment aiming to upgrade and improve student housing facilities at the site. Financing for the project was sourced through California State University System wide Revenue Bond program, and housing reserves. Completion for the Zura hall renovation project is set for the summer of next year.

San Diego State University’s has kicked off a $53 million renovation of Zura residence hall. The facility offers three housing towers of five, seven and eight stories connected by a common first floor. Totaling 141,000 square feet and 585 beds, the capacity will be expanded to 606 beds.

Upgrades and improvements will include an enhanced main entrance, new restroom cores, upgraded finishes, added seismic safety features, new windows, and new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Also planned are new study and social space, enclosure of some balconies to increase room sizes, and an overhaul of the elevator tower.

 Balfour Beatty Construction is serving as the design-build contractor. Financing is being provided by the state university system’s revenue bond program and housing reserves. Completion of the project is scheduled for next summer. Balfour’s design-build partners in the project are HMC Architects and Mahlum Architects.   

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