San Francisco 49ers Step Closer to Santa Clara Stadium

Santa Clara’s city council voted 6-1 Tuesday to accept city staff’s recommendation that city financing for a 49ers stadium is feasible, clearing one more hurdle for the NFL franchise to have its $916 million stadium up and running for football season in 2012. “The next step is for the team, city and the Cedar Fair, which has parking rights on the proposed site to move into serious negotiations to come together on a term of agreement,” Peter Hillan, spokesman for the 49ers, told CPN. The foot print for the proposed stadium is located on city-owned property in a parking lot for the Great America theme park, owned by Cedar Fair, at 5000 Great America Parkway, just south of Tasman Boulevard. Currently, Cedar Fair does not want the stadium located on its main parking lot, but has suggested an overflow parking lot. “Santa Clara is ideal in that it has all the infrastructure that we’ve lacked in Candlestick Park,” Hillan said. “It has an eight-lane major thoroughfare that comes up to the stadium site, light rail in front of the stadium, hard rail just a five minute walk from the back side and 32,000 parking stalls within an easy five- to 10-minute walk from the proposed site. It is currently a parking lot that we feel that has a lot of core elements we need to make gameday experience a terrific one for our fans.” Hillan said the 49ers began exploring Santa Clara as a primary stadium site in November 2006. “It remains our target to play football there in 2012, but we have some flexibility,” Hillan said. “We could move that out a year if that is required, but we hope that can still match our original goal of beginning construction in early 2010.” Currently, the stadium has a price tag of $854 million. The city would contribute $42 million for a garage to replace parking lost to Cedar Fair with the stadium footprint on their parking lot. An additional $20 million will be required to move an electrical substation that is in close proximity to the stadium site, too, Hillan said.