Schneider Electric Rolls Out New Line of Meters

Avoiding outages, interrupted operations and damaged equipment is the goal of the PowerLogic ION9000.
Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic ION9000

Knowing exactly what happened during a power-related incident is vital for re-establishing normal operations and preventing future problems. Designed to manage critical power applications, PowerLogic ION9000 is the company’s new line of advanced power quality meters. The ION9000 helps avoid outages, equipment damage, failures and interruption of critical operations.

The ION9000 is a tool for preventive maintenance and root-cause analysis, whether in outages or power quality events, helping keep people and equipment safe. Quick views of energy consumption, power quality and power network status are available in real time.

Through smart power event analysis, the product automatically correlates related trends, events, and waveforms based on time and type of incident. It saves time and provides vital insight with pre- and post-incident data.

The ION9000 provides advanced diagnostic information to EcoStruxure Power software for power quality analysis and system forensics, revealing root causes of power events and optimizing power network efficiency. That information allows users to draw conclusions about cause and effect, which enhances operations and enables maintenance on power equipment only when needed. Improved power quality also increases equipment reliability and lifespan.

Onboard power quality analysis provides useful information via its onboard PQ tool, according to EN50160 and IEEE519 standards. The ION9000 also has extended waveform capture and patented disturbance direction detection.

The product’s programmability allows users to adapt as their power networks become more dynamic, tailoring programming to accommodate complex electrical distribution monitoring or custom substation automation – protecting their investment into the future.

“With the pace of change today, any power system that is unable to adapt to any new standards, requirements or certifications may be obsolete very soon,” observed Kelly Becker, vice president of the firm’s Power Solutions Division, in a statement released last month.