Senior Living Facilities Draw More Men

Senior living communities, traditionally home to populations of predominantly female residents, are now experiencing significant growth of their male populace. The trend is particularly prevalent at independent living facilities–be they dedicated independent living properties or housing units within continuing care retirement communities. As per a recent study by Brentwood, Tenn.-headquartered Brookdale Senior Living Inc., the largest owner and operator of senior living communities in the U.S., male move-ins at the company’s independent living facilities across the country have risen by an average 7.5 percent from 2004 to now. At some Brookdale independent living sites, the jump in male residents between 2004 and 2007 was phenomenal. Seasons at Glenview Place in Northbrook, Ill, experienced a 75 percent increase, and Trillium Place in Columbus Ohio saw a whopping 86 percent increase. There are a few reasons behind the shift in the population composition at independent living properties. “One of the largest factors is men are living longer,” a Brookdale spokesperson told CPN. “They’re taking better care of themselves and embracing lifestyles conducive to living longer.” Advances in medicine and medical technology are also contributing to extended lifespan. Other reasons are less technical. More and more independent living locales are incorporating activities and offerings that speak to men, such as putting greens, men’s clubs and poker rooms. At Brookdale’s Town Village North Dallas, staff noted that current male residents’ solicitation of poker buddies to participate in on-site card games has played a part in the spike in new male residents. “Each community is different and some communities will talk about certain activities that attract men,” she said. “Some communities will have men perform tours for men to show them that there is a male population.” Not all of the new guys are flocking to independent living properties alone. “We’ve seen a lot more couples moving in,” the spokesperson added. Established three decades ago, Brookdale presently operates over 550 senior living and retirement communities across the country, accommodating approximately 52,000 residents in 35 states. Company stock last closed at $21.78.