Simon’s New Security Vehicles Reduce Crime, Operate on 10 Cents Per Day

Retail REIT Simon Property Group has purchased a line of new enforcement vehicles for its security officers at various Simon properties around the country. Manufactured by Costa Mesa, Calif.-based T3 Motion Inc., the three-wheeled vehicles provide an elevated platform that enables officers to see over the tops of cars, travel at speeds up to 20 mph, and reduce crime. Yet, they cost less than 10 cents per day to operate. “The key for me is that the vehicles increase the mobility and visibility of our security officers and help reduce crime,” John Petruzzi, Simon’s vice president of corporate security, told CPN today. “We’ve measured crime on the exterior of our properties pre- and post-deployment, and we’re seeing less. The vehicles also facilitate high levels of customer interaction–something that is often lacking in our business.” To date, Petruzzi has purchased more than 35 T3s and anticipates that Simon will eventually use more than 100. The devices carry a list price of $10,000. Designed with the advice of law enforcement and security industry professionals, the T3 Series features a zero-degree turning radius and a compact design able to maneuver through crowds and tight spaces. While Petruzzi says the T3s will not replace Simon’s primary security vehicle–the Ford Escape–certain centers may add T3s instead of Fords based on the numbers of cars in the parking lots and parking decks as well as maneuverability requirements. “We do think T3s will help us move away from bicycles,” he said. “T3s give a better response capability.” Petruzzi also pointed out the environmental benefits offered by T3 vehicles. As an electric vehicle, it emits no gasses. Simon has estimated that each T3 will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by more than five tons of carbon dioxide.Indianapolis-based REIT Simon is the United States’ largest public real estate company, with ownership interests in more than 380 retail properties in North America, Europe and Asia.