Smart Charging Solution for Commercial Properties

EVBox Iqon, a level 2 commercial charging station for electric vehicles, can be connected in hub-satellite clusters to make the most of available energy.
EVBox Iqon. Image courtesy of EVBox

EVBox, a provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, has introduced EVBox Iqon, a level 2 commercial charging station suitable for properties such as shopping centers, hotels, workplaces and parking facilities. Designed specifically for the North American market, the device features a durable design with a stainless steel housing and LED light guides that allow drivers to quickly find charging locations and monitor the status of each charging session.

Iqon also includes an auto-locking cable management system, wheelchair accessibility, ADA compliance and an easy setup that involves Bluetooth commissioning via an app. The device is always connected to the cloud via WiFi or 4G/LTE, which enables remote station monitoring, control over user groups and access and adjustment of charging rates. The product’s Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) allows for interoperability, and Iqon is also connected with numerous charging management software providers.

Standing 74.5 inches tall, Iqon has a 2-inch removable base extension, an 18-foot cable and an 8-inch color touchscreen. The device weighs 188 pounds. Iqon can charge two cars simultaneously and features a charging capacity of 7.2 kW per connector and a maximum output power of 2 x 7.2 kW. The smart charging station can also be configured in hub-satellite clusters of up to 10 stations (totaling 20 ports) that can ensure maximum energy efficiency by communicating across the cluster.