Sony’s RED Distribution HQ

For the firm's NYC headquarters, Spacesmith created a unique office environment with a strong visual identity.
  • Name of project: RED Distribution
  • Date of completion: 2013
  • Location of project: New York City
  • Architect on project: Spacesmith
  • Type of project: Office
  • Client: Red Distribution, Division of Sony Music
  • Manufacturers used: Blue Dot, Filz Felt, Gus Modern (Furniture); Jonah Takagi Bluff City Pendant Lights, Times Square Lighting (Theatrical Lighting in Reception Area); AEP Span fastened box rib metal panels, City Gates Service Doors (corrugated steel panel doors)
  • Amenities offered: Flexible meeting and eating areas; break-out rooms modeled after sound booths; unique seating options such as bean bags, fabric benches and diner booths; and a dual-function entry space and performance space.
  • Why this project is notable: For the headquarters of RED Distribution, a leader in independent music distribution and artist development, Spacesmith created a 20,000-square-foot office environment with a strong visual identity, expressing the client’s culture and brand and reflecting the desire to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Full of bold color and graffiti paintings that create an industrial feel, the reception area serves as both a gathering place for employees and a performance space for musicians that RED represents. An adjoining conference room features corrugated steel garage-type doors that can be rolled up, forming a single, large space ideal for events. Along the main office thoroughfare are three small break out rooms wrapped in ribbed steel, each paneled with a different color and texture of acoustic foam, recalling sound booths and encouraging collaboration and interaction.