Southwall, Dow Corning Debut Glass Technology for CRE

Heat Mirror film provides an energy-efficient technology.

November 11, 2010
By Allison Landa, News Editor

Southwall Technologies Inc. has teamed up with Dow Corning Corp. to launch Heat Mirror “S” film, an energy-efficient technology for glass. They are also introducing a special energy-efficient structural silicone sealant.

“The reason this is interesting is that the whole industry is moving toward higher and higher insulating glass performance,” Southwall vice president of business development Bruce Lang told CPE, “and if you think about it, buildings consume 40 percent of the energy in the U.S. The weak link really is the glass.”

That’s where the Heat Mirror film comes in. With a special advanced coating, it is able to efficiently seal glass in a lightweight way, providing what Southwall estimates are energy savings up to 30 percent along with blocking more than 99 percent of UV radiation and reducing sound transmission by up to 20 percent over dual-pane glass.

“It’s really interesting in the large-scale commercial space because of the weight advantage,” Lang said. “You have a tremendous weight advantage versus what would be an alternative solution – triple-pane glass, for example.”

Southwall and Dow will showcase the product at Greenbuild 2010, held later this month in Chicago.