Seen from the Greenbuild Show Floor

Hundreds of exhibitors at the 2010 Greenbuild International Conference & Exposition are showcasing new eco-friendly products here in Chicago.

November 17, 2010
By Erika Schnitzer, Managing Editor, Multi-Housing News

CHICAGO — Hundreds of exhibitors at the 2010 Greenbuild International Conference & Exposition are showcasing new eco-friendly products here in Chicago. The following is a selection of just some of these products. Check back frequently for more coverage of the show.

• YKK AP recently became the first commercial building products manufacturer to launch an iPad application to assist building professionals with selection and integration of energy-efficient facades. The free app, Architectural Product Master, being demonstrated at Greenbuild, also introduces a thermal performance calculator, myThermal Assistant, enabling building professionals to calculate the energy saving performance metrics of YKK AP products. If a professional is unsure of which product and glass package to specify in order to meet the thermal performance needs of the building envelope, he can enter the desired energy performance criteria and the program will recommend the framing system and glass package to specify.

• Southwall Technologies Inc. and Dow Corning Corporation are showcasing their energy-efficient Heat Mirror “S” film and 982FS two-part structural silicone sealant for commercial building projects. It increases energy savings by up to 30 percent, blocks over 99 percent of UV radiation and reduces sound transmission by up to 20 percent over dual-pane glass. Dow Corning 982FS and Dow Corning 982-H Curing Agent are designed for use as a secondary sealant in dual-sealed insulating glass units. Curing to form a long-lasting and flexible silicone seal that is chemically stable, 982FS creates a weather-tight bond.

• Demonstrations of Integrated Environmental Solutions’ new Energy Modeling tool, VE-Navigator for ASHRAE 90.1 (LEED Energy), are available at the show. The tool was created to streamline the process while increasing productivity and accuracy, allowing users to check off each required step as it is completed, and reports are created automatically in a format suitable for LEED submission. The new IES VE-Navigator concept provides a detailed step-by-step structured workflow, in built QA functionality and is integrated into the full IESVE suite so users can perform other analysis simulations straight from the proposed design model including solar shading, daylight, thermal comfort and performance. The product will be available for purchase in December.

• Kingspan Insulated Panels North America launched its Path to NetZero during a press conference at Greenbuild. The Path to NetZero, which simulates the process of energy modeling and high-performance envelope and net-zero scenarios, will be available to the construction industry at and through free apps designed for mobile devices. The new tool identifies energy cost savings and reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, annually and over a period of 25 years, that can be attributed to insulated metal metals (IMPs). Path to NetZero also shows the return on investment, build speed and potential LEED points associated with wall and roof IMPs.

• DuPont Building Innovations introduced DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied WB System to Greenbuild attendees. The system boasts the highest vapor permeability among the competition and, combining low shrinkage with high elongation and elastic recovery allows the system to stretch and move with the building. DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied WB System seals building envelopes, enhancing energy efficiency and providing protection from water accumulation. The product is currently available in Wash., Ore., Ariz. and Texas, as well as parts of Calif., Nev., N.M., Okla., Ark., Tenn., Ky. and Miss. It will be available nationwide in the first half of 2011.