Stars to Watch 2013: Andres del Corral

Vice President, Blanca Commercial Real Estate

Memorable Achievements: Working with  Cushman & Wakefield Inc. power broker Tere Blanca to lease up the newly developed downtown Miami office tower at 1450 Brickell while working in the marketing department at Rilea Group in the midst of a difficult market. Having maintained a focus on development since shifting to brokerage, he is now working to lease up three new Class A office projects: 396 Alhambra in Coral Gables, One Park Square at Doral in the Airport/West Dade submarket and Town Center One in Downtown Dadeland.

Most Proud Of: 396 Alhambra: The construction was completed in mid-June 2012, and in early April 82 percent of the space had been leased.

What Others Say About Him: Blanca Commercial Real Estate founder Tere Blanca brought del Corral into her startup company after he resigned from Rilea Group to pursue a brokerage career. “I ran into him in the hallway. He said, “Good-bye, I’m leaving to go into the brokerage world.” Since then, “there isn’t any client that doesn’t have wonderful things to say about his contribution,” she said, complimenting his communication skills, creativity, work ethic, ability to solve problems, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Rilea Group vice president Diego Ojeda likewise praised del Corral’s ability to shift back and forth between dealing with important clients, managing video and putting together marketing plans. “He’s very reasonable, willing to work with anyone” and creative in coming up with solutions for potential tenants, he noted.

Greatest Challenges: Transitioning from marketing broker to development associate without knowing anything about development and construction. More recently, putting together an annual report for New Boston Fund, which required calling every broker in the market and working in Aspen while his friends were on the ski slopes, impressing Blanca with both his initiative and the quality of the work he produced.

Secrets to Success: Always being ready and always thinking about what you’re doing—never being on auto-pilot—and finding the best possible solutions.

Best Advice Received: From Rilea owner Alan Ojeda: Do what you can do now, because later on you’re going to have something else to do. Fro Tere Blanca: Use the work hours during the day to do what needs to be done then, and paperwork and organization come in the off-hours.

Advice to Others: Pay attention to the people who are ahead of you, pick good mentors and treat yourself like a business in terms of not overspending and understanding your finances, because at the end of the day a lot of this business is staying power. Be good to others. Look for opportunities.

—Suzann D. Silverman

More details on the accomplishments of CPE’s 2013 Stars to Watch appeared in the May 2013 issue.