Stars to Watch 2013: Brian Eisendrath

Vice Chairman of Capital Markets, CBRE Group Inc.

Memorable Achievements: In 2012, Eisendrath became the youngest vice chairman at CBRE Group Inc. Considering the fact that his team closed over $1.1 billion in capital during 2012, this achievement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The banner year was highlighted by a deal with TIAA-CREF Global Real Estate, which was looking to refinance one of its largest apartment portfolios, with more than 1,000 units spread across the country. These four Class A assets were located in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Dallas, and had three years of term remaining at high interest rates. Eisendrath and his Los Angeles-based team were able to close 10-year fixed-rate loans through Freddie Mac totaling $223.1 million, which ended up being one of the most significant commercial real estate finance transactions in 2012. Eisendrath and his team are also the go-to finance gurus for The Bascom Group, working with the Orange County-based buyer and its affiliates on deals nationwide.

What Others Say About Him: Having known Eisendrath since 2004, Jeffrey Fuller, senior vice president of transactions and finance at The Bascom Group, has been impressed with his persistence and ability to make the case for properties that need a bit of work. “He is very dependable. If you call Brian, he is always available. He always performs for us, and he has a great team under him that always executes. You never have to call and ask what is going on; he is calling you. We need someone like Brian who has very good contacts and knows who the decision markets are within the lending institutions. They know he can get stuff done. Our deals are inherently challenging, because we are not just buying brochure-quality Class A stuff that is easy to finance.”

Secrets to Success: Hard work and persistence pay off. “I am always looking to develop my business, while establishing strong relationships with all my clients. I really get to know my clients, and a lot of them become close personal friends.”

Best Advice Received: From his business coach, John Ollen: “Get outside your comfort zone. Always be calling clients. Always be looking to be better than what you are doing.”

Advice to Others: “In a time where there is volatility in the market, people want a go-to advisor. If you can offer them that value and a high level of service, you will find that it is easier to expand your client base.”

—Mike Ratliff

More details on the accomplishments of CPE’s 2013 Stars to Watch appeared in the May 2013 issue.