Stars to Watch 2013: Joe Judge

Managing Director & Broker Lead, Washington, D.C., Tenant Representation Group, Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.

What Others Say About Him: “One of his secret strategies is to over-deliver to clients so he has them for life. It sounds obvious—and it is obvious—but very few people really do it,” said Robb Johnson, managing director of tenant representation at Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. “Joe is among the most disciplined people I have met in my entire life.” At the same time, “his is one of those rare gifts where he can drop the business personal and be like a regular guy when he is not in the trenches doing client work.” Johnson further described him as hard working, disciplined, honest, trustworthy and “very likeable.”

Greatest Challenges: Not enough hours in the day. “I think time is everybody’s challenge. For me, it’s finding time to spread the gospel to those that JLL does not represent. Meeting with the teams and having the time to make calls and introduce ourselves. We are extremely busy, and it is a challenge to have the time to introduce JLL to those that you know haven’t met with us, because we just have that confidence that if we have an opportunity to meet with a new firm, we are going to have a great shot at winning that business.”

Secrets to Success: Fear is a great motivator. “I think it is my paranoia. All kidding aside, it is real. I think all brokers have it. I am absolutely convinced that I am going to lose all my clients and I am going to be out on the street tomorrow. You just have that fear in your heart where you don’t feel like you are going to pull it off again. I have been fortunate to have this level of production for the last four years in a row, but it could be gone tomorrow. You cannot take your clients or your partners for granted. Focus on what you did as an intern or a rookie in the business. It is time management, it is humility, and it is making sure you have the ultimate trust and confidence in your clients. But the lowest common denominator there is paranoia.”

Best Advice Received: Don’t focus on the money, and create your own style. “I get advice from anybody that is willing to give it to me. I am not sure if I can quote anyone in particular, but a constant theme I have heard that resonates with me is to never focus on the money. If you are in this business just for the money, it is not sustainable. I have also been told to create your own style. You see so many successful partners and brokers in this business and you try and emulate them. But if you are not being yourself, I am not sure if you will truly reach your maximum potential.”

Advice to Others: “You need to be a time management junkie. You need to attack the day with a plan and be very disciplined. Set short- and long-term goals. You need to approach the profession as a career, not as a job. This really changes your perspective and prevents the highs and lows that are really common in our business.”

—Mike Ratliff

More details on the accomplishments of CPE’s 2013 Stars to Watch appeared in the May 2013 issue.